Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals for our forthcoming festival. The closing date was Friday and we've had a terrific response with some great shows coming your way (as well as a few mad ones....). We will be finalising details at our committee meeting next week and hope to release details of our advance programme ASAP. By the way, we are refreshing the membership of our festival committee so if you would be interested in helping us develop our 2 festivals, drop us a message. We're particularly looking for people with a legal, finance or fundraising background. A sense of humour will also be needed to work with us!

Belfast Comedy Festival returns during 2-8 October with a bumper programme. Sign up to our newsletter for announcements

Tim McGarry explains why you simply can't miss the debate, discussion and debauchery at this year's Imagine! festival in Belfast. 90% of events are *completely* free – bring your ideas and join in! Book tickets at imaginebelfast.com

about the festival

what’s the craic?

Belfast Comedy Festival ‘Belly Laughs’ was set up by a group of comedy enthusiasts in 2011 with the aims of adding value to Belfast’’s cultural offering, providing a platform for local talent and, most of all, entertaining audiences with a variety of acts at a value accessible to all sections of the community.

legal STATUS

The festival is registered under the Companies Act 2006, as a not for profit private limited company, limited by guarantee (company number N1614137). In addition, we are registered with HMRC as a charity for tax purposes in line with Schedule 6 of the Finance Act 2010 (reference number XT36961) and with the Charity Commission NI (NIC101004).


We have a board of directors comprising Don Leeson, Caroline Wilson, Donal McBrien, Anthony Barrett and Lindsey Mitchell.

our mission

Our mission is to provide a first class annual comedy festival in Belfast, with a variety and value that allows all sections of the community to benefit.

our objectives

Our objectives are to nurture home grown comic talent; to programme innovative and international comedy events which add value to Belfast’s cultural offering; to promote Belfast as one of Europe’’s most dynamic cities and must-visit destinations; to explore the boundaries of comedy in the city by examining the history and role of humour particularly in regards to peace building and challenging prejudice; and to develop new audiences which will assist the further development and sustainability of venues and comedy clubs in the city.